Meet the Doctor

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    Dr. Emil Orza
    • Graduated from NYU College of Dentistry in 2009
    • Worked in the front office for a large group practice for 6 years prior to dental school
    • He and his wife both grew up in Gwinnett County, but have lived in Cobb County since 2013
    • Dr. Orza has practiced in Cobb County since 2011
    • A few general dentists in Cobb Co. refer their root canal patients to him
    • Even more patients in Cobb Co. find him when their dentists refer them to an endodontist
    • Dr. Orza strives to be up to date with the latest in dental technology and education
    • He went through hands on training for dental implants in 2015, and is proud to provide this to his patients
    • He works closely with doctors at Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery to provide the best care for patients who choose this procedure
    • Dr. Orza is known for giving painless shots (as painless as possible anyway!)
    • Patients and Assistants know him to be someone who approaches extractions and other procedures with an engineering mindset, thinking through every step of a procedure so that it is as comfortable and smooth as possible
    • Dr. Orza is passionate about giving back to the community. He and his wife are Cornerstone Partners of Sweetwater Mission, which provides nutritious food, education, housing assistance, parenting courses, and job skills courses to families in need in Cobb County.
    • Back when Dr. Orza had more free time, he volunteered regularly at The Ben Massell Clinic downtown, which provides free dental care to people in need
    • Currently, Dr. Orza takes on a couple pro bono cases every year. He is currently working with a patient on a large pro bono case at his practice in Marietta, Insight Dental.
    • Dr. Orza has owned Insight Dental since July 2017, and acquired Today’s Dentist in July 2019.

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